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atom 400px trans 50pcKinisiForo ltd was founded by Mr Onisiforos Hadjionisiforou  who had a vision to better improve rehabilitations approach. Soon he realised that in this field, which is something that he completed his studies in, there are not many solutions that produce visible results.  This triggered a need to create something from scratch that will provide an innovative approach to rehabilitation. The recent scientific findings regarding neuroplasticity were opening  new horizons.
After  number of years of research the break through come in a form of K-SET rehabilitation method and KinisiForo unit that is supportive device to this innovative approach to rehabilitation. After many years of research and assessment we developed a new approach for rehabilitation based on an innovative medical device named Kinisiforo which forms the core of the K-SET method.
After completing the first prototype unit the results on the patients were more than evident after the first use.
Nowadays KinisiForo ltd is consisted of a number of highly skilled scientists who join their forces to work on this and other projects as well.

We provide solutions for better human conditions and improve their health & living.
We respect the universal laws, knowledge and conditions by taking into account how they react, we consider those patterns and transfer them into solutions to improve the quality of human life.

To innovate, create and provide advanced solutions in rehabilitation and general health.
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