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How does it work?kinisiforo unit transparent med
  • KinisiForo works through a symmetric elliptical exercise movement.
  • During the cycle, both upper and lower extremities work simultaneously, as well as torso muscles. Such exercises, can be active, passive or active/passive.
  • Special harness allows weight adjustment and it is controlled by an automated counterweight mechanism on the patients lower limbs which is different in every single pedal strike.
  • Pedal movement and range can be independently adjusted according to patient characteristics.
  • During the physical exercise, patient is involved into virtual reality with a special movie that repeats patient movement and promotes automaticity.

KinisiForo is manufactured under the European Safety regulations:

  • CYS EN 957-1: 2005
  • General safety requirements and test methods for stationary equipment's.
  • CYS EN 957-6: 2010
  • Treadmills additional specific safety requirements and test methods
  • CYS EN 957-9 : 2003
  • Elliptical trainers specific safety requirements and test methods
  • According to the European union regulation 2006/42/EK section ii/A about machines.

KinisiForo is certified with a World Wide Patent
  • From WIPO PCT No: WO/2012/137038.

Registered by the Ministry of Health
  • as Class 1 Active Medical device as per annex IX section 3 rule 12 of 93/42/EEC


Clinical Study Supported by CING
  • (Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics)
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